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City of Denver Saves Thousands Annually

The Civic Center Building in downtown Denver. Vista Ambiance VE 35 Low-E (low emissivity) Film has been used to save energy in most of Denver's City's properties.

At an altitude of 5,280 feet above sea level, the City of Denver is subject to extreme cold in the winter and severe heat and sun in the summer. As a result, buildings have a huge need for heat in the winter and absorb excessive heat in the summer, which in turn requires cooling systems to work longer and harder... more

To cope, city officials authorized the fitting of solar control window films on most of the City's properties. Because of this and other ongoing energy conservation efforts, the Environmental Protection Agency honored the city and county with a Certificate of Merit for Innovative Technology... more

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"Annual savings are expected to be $41,250 or about 33-cents per square foot," says Dr. Winer, "We're big on energy conservation out here. With Denver's elevation, radiation from the sun is a big issue. The film helps minimize that."... more

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